Stuttgart palace



Reichstag Berlin


Parliament sitting through the Dome!


Beloved Punishment !


It was a normal day to school, regular lectures and some sports and then riding home on my favorite bicycle. But later started the “thing”, as i went to play cricket with my friends at evening hours.

Aai, my mother, was looking for me and she came to know that i went to playground directly after coming from the school. Everyday she used to ask me to complete my homework and then do whatever i want to do. But that day was special as i was totally focused on cricket with my friends.

Aai came to the playground and asked me to come home immediately. as i went back to home she asked me to stand in a corner of our house, then hold your ears and start doing sit-ups. I was shocked because it was something strange for me, i asked her why are you asking me to do so? she said just do as i say, with anger. Dad was also not there to help me. so i had to start doing sit-ups. i did 50 sit-ups with normal feel, but after 50 my legs started paining. It was combined effect of cricket and sit-ups. i did almost 150 sit-ups, and later i could not even stand in there. i sat down and started crying. Aai came to me and she pulled me towards her, wiped my eyes with her saree and said,” look son, if you want to be a successful person in your life you must follow some thoughts. You must have some discipline in your life.You must work hard to gain knowledge and to implement it in your life. I don’t want you to live a life which we have experienced.”

I was amazed with her words as i knew that she is just first standard failed student and she was asking me to study hard. Also at the same time i came to know that while asking me to do sit-ups she was cooking something which i liked the most in my childhood, “Dal-khichdi”. She fed me with her own hands and later i went to sleep in her arms feeling the great love of a mother.

Punishment? maybe. but i think it was something more than that. “Beloved punishment”.



First words


A dream, to be a writer;
A situation, turned out to be an engineer.
A choice, to be a computer engineer;
A score, turned out to be an electronics engineer.
A path, to be a businessman;
A life, turned out to be a job seeker.

Always gets confused with almost each and everything in our lives. What to do and what not to. But the ones who took over these thoughts, are known as the ‘winners’.

Myself Nishe, an engineer, from India, have started doing what i have written above. Not because i want to prove my words, but this is what i love to do. Let’s see how it goes for a writer of the words.